Past the Peak – Lessons Learned by Businesses on the Eastern Coast

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The coronavirus has swept through the United States and wreaks havoc in the southwest and businesses are struggling to adapt to the new circumstances.

Massachusetts is one of the few states that is past the peak of the coronavirus, daily new cases being at 20% of their peak in April due to CDC guidelines being followed by businesses. How does this new normal look like and what lessons can be learned by businesses in hard hit states like Florida, Texas or Arizona?

Massachusetts in particular has extensive guidelines for businesses reopening and they were put in place since mid May. 

Businesses in certain sectors have suffered more as the pandemic has affected them more severely like the businesses that rely on tourists in Cape Cod for example. 

There were issues with businesses refusing to obey guidelines as is the notorious case of Oxford, MA gym owner David Blondin but the majority of companies followed recommendations strictly and despite Massachusetts being one of the most severe hit states, currently business can go on as usual.

This is the case of McLean Company a commercial painter company based in Danvers, MA that has developed an Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 as well as instituted other preventative measures for their employees. 

Taking a proactive stance in preventing outbreaks can in fact work in favor of business owners and worst hit states follow the footsteps of companies in MA that thrive in the current climate.

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