Coronavirus’ business impact: see how five companies adapted to life during a pandemic

Coronavirus' business impact: see how five companies adapted to life during a pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed many businesses over the edge, especially in the travel and event planning industries. Countless articles have been written about their struggles and the way the pandemic shaped their industries so today, I want to focus on those companies that were able to improvise, adapt and ultimately profit in this tough economic context.

I will not go on and write about the obvious winners of 2020 like Zoom or Netflix that were able to easily capitalize on the work from home trend but companies that had to adapt to the new reality. Here is the story of five companies and what they did differently.

1. RushOrderTees redirects production for face masks

One of the largest custom apparel brands in the USA, RushOrderTees have rapidly adapted a production line to make face masks as demand for them greatly increased.

Mask production is also prioritized, they ship out in 1-2 business days. Currently their masks are one of the most popular items sold on their site.

2. HatchExhibits switches from trade show booths to medical supplies

Maryland trade show booth producer HatchExhibibts saw the demand for their products drop abruptly but they saw opportunity in the crisis and swiftly switched from manufacturing custom trade booths to manufacturing face shields and other custom protective equipment.

3. UncleBuds starts producing hand sanitizer

One of the largest producers and retail brands of hemp products, UncleBudsHemp swiftly turned part of its production capacity to make hand sanitizer with organic hemp seed oil.

Currently the hand sanitizer is one of its best selling products.

4. LVMH produces hand sanitizer

Similarly to UncleBuds, luxury brand LVMH, producers of brands such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior or Kenzo switched production at three of its facilities to make hand sanitizer for France’s healthcare workers. 

5. SignatureBrew brings the pub to your home

London pub Signature Brew had a hard time to adapt to the new conditions as pubs closed during the lockdown. They made Pub In A Box, a mix of their beers, glassware, snacks and a music quiz to recreate the pub experience at home. Some of their pub in a box sets were delivered by musicians who had to cancel their tours.

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