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Eugene Oregon relocation

The Daily Background will run a new series presenting the best cities to live in the USA. Our first stop is the quaint city of Eugene in Oregon.

Eugene, Oregon’s third largest city, is one of the greenest and most beautiful cities in the Pacific Northwest. 

A Shining Star of the Pacific Northwest

More than just a tourist attraction, with a population of more than 140,000 – Eugene has award-winning wineries, abundant recreational opportunities and is only an hour from the coastline, the mountains and the high desert of Eastern Oregon.

Eugene is one of Oregon’s most beautiful cities and there is much so more to Eugene than its physical beauty.

Eugene is a vibrant modern working city and at the same time, it is firmly grounded in tradition. The past and present live side by side in an ideal location for work, leisure and study.


Because of Eugene’s proximity to abundant water many of the parks enjoy a beautiful mixture of open spaces and waterfront. The parks have nature walks, bike paths, river vistas, and historic sites. Cyclists, joggers, strollers, skaters, strollers, dog walkers, bird watchers, kids and adults of all mobility levels enjoy the vibrant park system.

Alton Baker

Just a short walk from downtown Alton Baker Park is Eugene’s largest developed park. Located on the north bank of the Willamette River it is approximately 400 acres of bike paths, ponds, running trails, gardens, canoe canals, off leash dog areas, and picnic shelters.

Skinner Butte Park

Comprising almost 100 acres Skinner Butte Park is one of Eugene’s oldest parks. It extends along the south bank of the Willamette River and is within walking distance of downtown.

Spencer Butte Park

Spencer Butte stands 2062’ in elevation at the southern edge of Eugene. An easy climb rewards you with panoramic views of Eugene and the surrounding Willamette valley.

Armitage Park

Five miles north of Eugene and located on the banks of the McKenzie river, Armitage Park is nearly 57 acres, of picnic areas, hiking trails, game areas, anda boat ramp.

Hendricks Park

This is Eugene’s oldest park comprising of 78 acres of trails, mature forest, a world renowned rhododendron garden, native plant gardens, all without leaving the city.


Maps can only show you where city streets start and end. They can’t give you an idea of the driving and walking atmosphere. Take a tour with us of several of Eugene’s downtown streets to get a very real experience of our street atmosphere.

Willamette Street

Willamette runs directly through the heart of downtown and is the main thoroughfare that connects north and south Eugene. 


Broadway runs east and west through the heart of downtown. This tour begins at the west end of Broadway


Eugene’s buildings represent both the past and the present through a blend of traditional architecture and unique character. The buildings are to be experienced and admired; many were built at times that continue to reflect the personality of the community. The downtown area will begin to experience some dramatic changes over the next few years with the completion of a new Federal Courthouse that will inspire redevelopment of the surrounding area.

The University of Oregon

Eugene is the home of the University of Oregon which has nationally ranked programs in the arts, sciences, education, journalism, business, architecture, and music.

University of Oregon Campus

The University of Oregon is considered one of the most beautiful institutions.

Elegant historic and modern architectural details give the University of Oregon a powerful visual statement.

Real estate

Eugene has experienced controlled, well-managed growth. That has allowed the town to retain the charm of handsome Victorian houses, bungalows and Craftsman homes on tree-shaded streets.

Its population is increasing yearly as hundreds of people are moving to Eugene yet house prices are still more affordable than in the nearby cities of Portland or Seattle.

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